Have limitless fun absolutely for FREE Anywhere Anytime!

Howdy! Welcome our new traditional Solitaire game. Solitaire is an all-time favorite game popular among all ages, nationalities and professions. No doubts it is the most thrilling yet simple way to kill the time. Solitaire will entertain you at any occasions. Whether you are getting cozy at home or having some tan in the park or you might just be commuting to work, or having short break in the office. All you need are your device and Internet for game to start. Even without the internet you can still play in offline mode! Forget what boring day feels like, make a Solitaire round and lift up your mood!

Another great thing about Solitaire Card Game is that it is absolutely FREE and also very social! It has great selection of exciting game modes, where you can either challenge yourself or invite your friends form social networks and have fun together. You also can play with complete strangers, which adds bit of mystery to the game. This is especially fun when you are not using social media, but still want to socialize, then our Solitaire community will be a perfect platform fro you!

We have designed several exciting game modes so you can experiment finding your favorite games and build up your gaming rating by winning and leveling up. By participating in Solitaire tournaments you have chance to win additional prizes and appear in the tops of our Leader Boards.

Solitaire Card Game Features

We have carefully though of making our Solitaire Card Game enriched with the best design and graphics. Have you noticed how beautiful are all the 52 cards in the deck are and if you start playing you will see more cool staff!

At the start we will power you up with free game coins, magic and chips, which later can be won in the games or purchased in the game store. You will always be please with great promotions and generous prizes for winning the tournaments.

Within the game you can enjoy various game modes starting from 1 on 1 game versus computer or by participating in tournaments and playing with friends. There are several different leagues matching your level you can play in. You also can switch and try our mini games which are real fun too!

Solitaire Card Game Strategy

Let's see how you actually play Solitaire. What you see on the main screen are four sections or piles called: the stock, the waist, the foundations and also the tableau. The stock and the waist piles are the ones in the upper left corner. The tableau pile is the stack in the middle. In our traditional Solitaire you can select either playing with 1 or 3 draws in the waist.

You goal is to place cards of the same suit from all the piles to the foundation section in the top-right corner in the ascending order from Ace to King. You can do it by stacking the cards on the tableau in the descending order (King to Ace) keeping alternate colors. You can use top cards from the waist placing them either straight to the foundations or to the tableau. You can also move cards between tableau piles to flip the ones under. If there is empty tableau pile you can start building new cards stack there starting with the king.